Natural Plant Extracts USA was founded by a group of passionate individuals with decades of experience in logistics and international trade on the belief that the choice for a natural, non-psychotropic option should be readily available to those who need it.

 Many tout the restorative properties of phytocannabinoid therapy, yet the market is flooded with products that either do not have any phytonutrients or far less amounts than the product claims.  A general lack of standardization among the industry is likely the main culprit, we have found the solution.

The founders backgrounds allow Natural Plant Extracts to secure the finest crops and in conjunction with pharmaceutical grade processing done in Europe, result in the not only finest phyto-extracts on the market but the most consistent supply.   Furthermore, by warehousing in the US, Natural Plant Extracts USA enable clients to utilize JIT manufacturing practices, thus increasing cashflow. Win-Win.

 Given the benefits of CBD, Natural Plant Extracts strive to end the phytocannabinoid drought by supplying over 99% pure extracts in its ultimate form,  extracted in a cGMP certified facility, to product manufacturers in the USA.   Eliminate the guessing game, provide your clients with the best, choose Natural Plant Extracts USA.