#DStrong Sending out postive energy for Dorian

We came across the story of Dorian fight with Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS) via our co-founder's Facebook, since, like Dorian, he grew up in Westerly, RI.  At this stage, all we can hope for is that the CBD will improve Dorian’s quality of life in the coming weeks, and help diminish the need for pharmaceutical drugs.  We have heard many wonderful stories from patients whom have been helped by CBD, and hope Dorian will be another.

Dorian, we heard your message of #DStrong, loud and clear.  Your message is in the minds of people around the world.  You have hit every country, in every culture and language.  You have accomplished more then most could ever dream of!  You will undoubtedly be remembered forever, thank you for your positive message to the world!!

Be well, and be #DSTRONG!!

With love, 
Natural Plant Extracts